Tom Petty tickets.

I have 3 tickets for Tom Petty's show in Albuquerque Tingley's coliseum this Tuesday 24th at 7pm, they are not floor tickets they are seats closer to the bottom they are not bad seats. I will have more seat information tomorrow. We had 3 people cancel on us the tickets were purchased months ago. 65.00 each. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THEM ♥
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Paid Travel Study Opportunity - $75

Hey there Albuquerque, NM! We're market researchers looking for travelers who live in or around Albuquerque to participate in a paid travel study. Those selected to participate will engage in a fun, casual, one-on-one interview via online video conference in which participants will evaluate a travel website and share feedback. Tech requirements include a PC running a Windows operating system, high-speed internet, web cam (internal or external), and a computer headset. The interview lasts approximately 45-minutes and compensation is $75.00 for your time. 

Anyone interested can sign up on our secure site here:

You're welcome to "like" us on Facebook: or check out our website: .

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and thanks for your interest!

LSM Fashions is a scam

I just wanted to post this regarding LSM Fashions, Lea Shonnel, etc, operating out of Albuquerque. This company is a scam. I was "hired" to do contract sewing work and after the goods were delivered, she changed the payment method and she never paid me for the work (it's been nearly 45 days). She is not a designer and she knows nothing about sewing or the work that goes into making clothing. She just buys cheap Chinese knockoffs of popular styles and resells them. She gave me inferior and inadequate materials for the job I was expected to do, as well. Now she has removed all her ads on Craigslist for a seamstress and is instead looking for a graphic designer. Don't respond! She won't pay you! I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I am now experiencing.

She also goes by the name "seventwentytwo" on Etsy but was discovered for reselling and called out by the Etsy Callout blog. So she changed her shop name and is now trying to swindle people under a different guise.
Lil Prince

Saucier and Saucier

From Saucy Southwest. More info and photos at the site.
Albuquerque has been blossoming in alternative areas. We support two large BDSM events every year (The New Mexico Leather League’s Spring Pandemonium, and Rio Grande Leather), a myriad of fetish/kink groups, and regular educational offerings. Self Serve is in the midst of “Sinful September: Celebrating Sex, Kink & Leather.” This month so far Self Serve welcomed world class presenter Midori for two sold-out classes, as well as hosting both the Brickhouse Betties, and International Mr. Leather Tyler McCormick. Still to come, author and BDSM icon Jay Wiseman will be teaching two classes at the store- a week from today “Tight Immobilizing Bondage” and Tuesday, “Negotiation as Foreplay” will be offered- both at 7:30pm. It’s a rare opportunity to learn in close quarters from the author of BDSM: 101, The Erotic Bondage Handbook and dozens of additional articles and books. Attend either class for $25, and enjoy a store discount the day of class. Self Serve also has a library of manuals, erotica, guides, adult coloring books and more to help you celebrate Banned Books Week at the end of the month. We’re really stepping it up as a southwest hot spot, help keep support this great energy.
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Paradeigma, Purist, Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1 @ FREE DOWNLOAD

Wild 074 - Various - Tunnel To The Underground Vol.1
Death Metal, Grindcore, Punk, Ambient, Digital, Electronic

Free Download -->
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1. Infected Epididymides-- Drown In The Light Of Deception
2. Edge of October - ghost signals i . transmissions from a ruined city
3. Dick Hickey - Locked Up
4. lezet- a cockup in the bravado department
5. Unarmed For Victory - Crash Your Plane, Then Renovate
6. Man Among Wolves - Betrayal
7. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - Covered with Skin
8. Bodies in Barbwire -The Vile Corpse King
9. Mental D-struction - Let's Dance And Pray Mital Team Product
10. Tyler Sanford - Angel's Cries (Final Mix)
11. Zidovudine Headache - Norman Wisdom getting pissed on
12. Nosens - Stellar Legacy
13. Death Till Extinction - the serious distractions of serial killers
14. Behind the Silence - T.Y.L.A
15. MushroomWavved Collar - Painless
16. Deadskin - Elektro Fucker (Remix by Scorpion Frequency)
17. Subversive Intentions - God
18. Dark Frequencer - monolith
19. Shit Devourer - Uninhibited Men
20. Volksmerink - Calloused
21.TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs - REG
22. Master Toad - Death in Static
23. Death Collector - Cannibal Nation
24. Zidovudine Headache - Tender-loving PUNCH
25. Postmortem Resurrection - Deception
26. Bodies in Barbwire - Gore Infested Basement
27. Swin Deorin - Swindustrial
28. Dark Frequencer - post nuclear world
29. Death Collector - Pussy
30. Infected Epididymides - She Hack Herself Like An Undead Carcass
31. Man Among Wolves - Disposable
32. Master Toad - The Spectral Traveler
33. Mental D-struction - Untitled Nervosa
34. Submersive Intentions - uncannycandycaning
35. Team Megaship - My Blade
36. TheArmiesOfTheWorldMarchAgainstUs - ZIL
37. Volksmerink - The Shapeshifter
38. Zidovudine Headache - The Beatles suck in their yellow piece of shit!
39. Postmortem Resurrection - Watch Me Die
40. Death Till Extinction - Conatminated
41. 30 Seconds GO! - Raoul Duke's Road Trip
42. Cacotopia - Determined To Die
43. Elephantknuckle - BeerVs.SexVs.FoodVs.Death


43 songs from few of the best underground artists and band from electronic, deviant & extreme metal genre, no compromise! Enjoy!
//Compiled by Kitty On Fire Records
Co-released with Torn Flesh Records, Deadkniff & Goat Given
Thanks to Justin (KOF)//


Wild 073 - Paradeigma - Voices Of Other Planets
Breakcore / Classic / Avant-Garde

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Tracklist :
1. Sunday Evening 3:33
2. Love First Of All 2:11
3. The Era Of Change 2:38
4. Old Photos 3:36
5. Life Insects 4:43


Wild 072 - Purist - Neuroleptica
Industrial / Black Metal / Dark Soundscapes

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Tracklist :
1 - Therapiebeginn 1:08
2 - Atypische Verhaltensmuster 7:06
3 - Synapsentod 3:33
4 - Soziophobisch 7:24
5 - Promethacin 3:43
6 - 0357 3:58
7 - Neuanfang 12:28

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BDSM 101: Experimentation is the Spice of Life

New Class at Self Serve in Nob Hill!

Want to make your time in the bedroom more interesting? Curious about what else the world might have to offer? Looking for some intense interactions like you've been dreaming about? If you answered yes (or even maybe) to any of these questions, this is the class for you. In this BDSM 101 we'll explore the great big world of kink in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Curiosity and questions welcome!

Tuesday, July 27th, 7:30pm $15

Julian Wolf's Website
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speakeasy, wednesday may 19th

speakeasy may 19th

albuquerque's monthly jazz and swing night

wednesday may 19th 2010
21+ after 9pm

swing dancing on the back patio w/ DJ brett.
live music inside by the sea saw sailors.

classic drink specials, free cupcakes (while supplies last)
@ the blackbird buvette
509 central ave. (between 5th and 6th streets downtown)
era themed attire encouraged.