Julian Wolf (julian_wolf) wrote in abq_underground,
Julian Wolf

Saucier and Saucier

From Saucy Southwest. More info and photos at the site.
Albuquerque has been blossoming in alternative areas. We support two large BDSM events every year (The New Mexico Leather League’s Spring Pandemonium, and Rio Grande Leather), a myriad of fetish/kink groups, and regular educational offerings. Self Serve is in the midst of “Sinful September: Celebrating Sex, Kink & Leather.” This month so far Self Serve welcomed world class presenter Midori for two sold-out classes, as well as hosting both the Brickhouse Betties, and International Mr. Leather Tyler McCormick. Still to come, author and BDSM icon Jay Wiseman will be teaching two classes at the store- a week from today “Tight Immobilizing Bondage” and Tuesday, “Negotiation as Foreplay” will be offered- both at 7:30pm. It’s a rare opportunity to learn in close quarters from the author of BDSM: 101, The Erotic Bondage Handbook and dozens of additional articles and books. Attend either class for $25, and enjoy a store discount the day of class. Self Serve also has a library of manuals, erotica, guides, adult coloring books and more to help you celebrate Banned Books Week at the end of the month. We’re really stepping it up as a southwest hot spot, help keep support this great energy.
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