~dimensional.traveler~ (okonomiyaki) wrote in abq_underground,

LSM Fashions is a scam

I just wanted to post this regarding LSM Fashions, Lea Shonnel, etc, operating out of Albuquerque. This company is a scam. I was "hired" to do contract sewing work and after the goods were delivered, she changed the payment method and she never paid me for the work (it's been nearly 45 days). She is not a designer and she knows nothing about sewing or the work that goes into making clothing. She just buys cheap Chinese knockoffs of popular styles and resells them. She gave me inferior and inadequate materials for the job I was expected to do, as well. Now she has removed all her ads on Craigslist for a seamstress and is instead looking for a graphic designer. Don't respond! She won't pay you! I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I am now experiencing.

She also goes by the name "seventwentytwo" on Etsy but was discovered for reselling and called out by the Etsy Callout blog. So she changed her shop name and is now trying to swindle people under a different guise.
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