daadmin (daadmin) wrote in abq_underground,

Paid Travel Study Opportunity - $75

Hey there Albuquerque, NM! We're market researchers looking for travelers who live in or around Albuquerque to participate in a paid travel study. Those selected to participate will engage in a fun, casual, one-on-one interview via online video conference in which participants will evaluate a travel website and share feedback. Tech requirements include a PC running a Windows operating system, high-speed internet, web cam (internal or external), and a computer headset. The interview lasts approximately 45-minutes and compensation is $75.00 for your time. 

Anyone interested can sign up on our secure site here: https://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/c237g4c57a

You're welcome to "like" us on Facebook: Facebook.com/DestinationAnalysts or check out our website: DestinationAnalysts.com .

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and thanks for your interest!
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